Description: Meine Interessen sind: #Linux, #Internet, #Fediverse, #ITSec, #InfoSec, #Datenschutz, #RaspberryPi, #PiHole, #Opensource, #FOSS, #SelfHosting, #FreiesInternet
Description: I'm an EFL teacher from Abrantes, Portugal.
Age: 53
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Abrantes
About: Olá! Eu sou português, casado com uma mulher adorável, Isabel, pai de duas lindas raparigas, Beatriz e Daniela, e sou professor de Inglês. Gosto de muitas coisas, como podem ver na minha lista de etiquetas. *** Hi! I'm Portuguese, married to a lovely lady, Isabel, father of two beautiful girls, Beatriz and Daniela, and I'm an EFL teacher. I'm into many things, as you can see in my tag list.
Age: 66
Location: 31°49'03.9"N 34°58'42.1"E
Hometown: Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom
About: I am Howard Shippin; born in the UK (1956); living in Israel/Palestine; working part time for the Communications office of Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom ( Pronouns preference: none This fediverse instance uses Hubzilla (a free, powerful, versatile, but simple to run software package. See for more.
Description: Slackware, OpenBSD, and a bit of a Debiantard.
Location: California, United States
Hometown: Torrance
Homepage: https://Vger.Cloud
About: Business Internet and Telephony since 1985. FOSS and Privacy Advocate - Enterprise Cloud
Description: Bem vindo(a) à Página Oficial do Pequetito no Hubzilla
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Keywords: tito, pequetito, games, godot, foss
About: Tito Deve Morrer! 9 de Julho de 2022
Age: 44
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
About: Anarquista, autor e desenvolvedor de "Tito Deve Morrer!" e Pré-candidato ao Governo do Estado de São Paulo.
Description: #Fediverse noob
Location: South Africa
About: from a long, finely evolved line, about 4.5 billion years old - the same as all other living things
Location: Casa Mia,
Keywords: rock, jazz, peace, love, foss
About: just for my not zot connections in the federation, I'm using #hubzilla . Zotum is an hubzilla site/hub .