Description: Digital SEO Expert
Age: 32
Description: Gaia visitor
Age: 59
Description: Inspirováno ústavem pro duševně vysmáté
Location: Czech Republic
Description: Auta .. a hlavně ty moje :)
Location: Czech Republic
Keywords: auta, czech
Age: 29
Location: Plzeň, Czech Republic
Keywords: linux, auta, hry, czech, česko
Description: Hi fellows! I'm Man in Mirror, aka Mirror and MiM for short. I'm a movie lover and a big fan of old films. I'm not a film critic but I write film reviews.
Location: TGx
Hometown: Galaxy
Description: Have you ever asked yourself why?
Description: Climbing the heights
Location: Scandinavia
Description: Database Admin / Pool Player / Music Collector
Age: 46
Location: Netherlands
About: C++ developer who wishes the world weren't stuck with it and Java. Erlang fan who wishes the world weren't stuck with PHP. Nature lover who sees that successive generations are missing out more and more. Haiku-OS fan and Plan9 fan.
Description: Just an indignent cat living in fantasy world.
Description: Miss
Age: 36
Description: Computer Engineer - GNU/Linux & Ethical hacking instructor and consultant. Professor. Co-Founder @JuncoTIC
Age: 39
About: Computer Engineer - GNU/Linux & Ethical hacking instructor and consultant. Professor. Co-Founder @JuncoTIC
Location: Baden Württemberg, Deutschland
About: Diese ist erst im Aufbau. Wenn du Fragen hast, kannst schon mit mir chatten, ansonsten sehen wir uns hier die nächsten Tage.
Description: Top Mobile App Development Company India
Location: H35, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Hometown: Noida
About: I have been working with AppSquadz which is well acknowledged as a mobile app development company. It has gained popularity and has been identified as a discern web & mobile apps development company.
Location: Little Pond, Crazy Universe
Hometown: Federated Universe
Location: Poland
Hometown: Warsaw
Keywords: technology, vpn
Description: 1
Age: 44
Location: Italia
Hometown: Vicenza
Location: Germany
About: Me - i don’t care about gender, ethnicity, origin or belief. Interested in music (a lot of styles), coding( python, rust - still learning, elixir - still learning), IT Security. Questions? Ask!
Description: a blue and green sandbox
Location: Andalusia, Spain
Hometown: Lanjaron
Description: Руны и Северная Магия
Location: Краснодарский край, Россия
Location: Alto Valle, Argentina
Location: Poland
Age: 36
About: I’m a Slavic (neo) #pagan from Russia. I’m interested in historical and modern #paganism and almost all subjects concerning to it, such as #history_of_religions, #pagan_philosophy, #traditional_culture, #folklore, #ethnography and so on. Also I’m fond of #music - #metal, #folk, #folklore, #folk-metal, #folk-ambient, #dungeon_synth and some other genres. I’ve been using #Linux for about 8 years, so I’m also attracted to this OS, #GNU and #Creative_Commons.
About: Aleatory, stochastic and environment-driven sound collage. Experimental tone-works. Deep listening and sound installations.
Description: La rabbia dell'espressione
Age: 39
Location: Ukraine
Hometown: Kyiv
Description: sardine nel fediverso
Location: Florida, United States
Hometown: Miami
About: I am a technical expert in Internet security and i also write blog on internet security and applications. I am also technical adviser to various industries on security and privacy.
Description: Ahmak Yalancı Ekrem Yalanları Yapraklar Bile Yalanlarını Alkışlıyor Ahmağın Chp Çomarları oy verdikleri için pişman
Age: 29
About: Ahmak Yalancı Ekrem Yalanları [Chp Çomarları şaşkın]