Description: Favored Indie, Dreampop, Shoegaze music recommender and catalogizer project
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About: Favored Indie, Dream Pop, Shoegaze music recommender and catalogizer project. Collection of interesting, special songs, videoclips that give good atmosphere, joy, inspiration. A selection from favorite Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, Shoegaze style songs. Best songs from self-made compilation albums. Selections from free-to-share, public content of video and music portals.
Description: Like to do let's play on generational games like World neverland so...
Age: 23
Location: Belgium
Keywords: games, worldneverland
About: I want to do like the written let's play i've seen for those type of games so yeah... \( ̄︶ ̄*\))

I mostly speak on other plateform for microblogging o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ so don't hesitate to follow me there too !
Description: Testing things, trying to experiment... Adhd-ing about a lot of things (#°Д°)
Age: 23
Location: Belgium
Description: Die neuesten Nachrichten und Veranstaltungen.
Description: Guardate il cielo non i vostri piedi
Age: 50
Location: Italy, Pesaro Urbino
Hometown: Fano
Description: a work in progress


Description: Bukis (bacaan Indonesia dari "bookish"). Grup tentang buku~
Location: France
Description: Pembaca buku, penulis blog, penjelajah jalanan (bukan karena jalan-jalan tapi karena pekerjaan)
Location: Indonesia
About: Pekerja lapangan yang suka membaca dan menulis. Lumayan acak, kadang membahas buku, sinema (terutama drama), musik (seringnya K-Pop), Linux, web sosial aka fediverse, dan hal lain yang ingin dibicarakan.
Description: Disperso.
Location: Santiago, Chile
About: Testeando.
Age: 32
Description: Bs is everywhere......
Location: Bs Universe, Bs Country
Hometown: The City of Bs
About: LeSymbolAlaBs

Bs is Everywhere.
Might as well wear it.

(c) 2024 LeSymbolAlaBs. All Rights Reserved.
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Description: Freedom & cooperation
Description: We are small family-based business that loves to design and craft high-quality leather goods with splendid and diverse craftsmanship.
Description: Просто Человек
Age: 43
Location: Moscow obl., Россия
Hometown: Москва
About: Просто Человек, надеюсь с большой буквы.
Description: Yohan Yuki Xieㆍ사요한・謝雪矢(ゆきや)・謝約翰ㆍיהוחנן ♾️ #ActuallyAutistic #INFP 🐬 ✨ Appeared: Sports Seoul; The Daily Report Arirang ©️ License: #CCBySA4 ❗ only represent myself
Location: Angeles City, , Philippines
Hometown: Makati City
About: Yohan Yuki Xieㆍ사요한・謝雪矢(ゆきや)・謝約翰ㆍיהוחנן

♾️ #ActuallyAutistic #INFP 🐬
✨ Appeared: Sports Seoul; The Daily Report Arirang

©️ License: #CCBySA4
❗ only represent myself

🇵🇭 #Philippines
#Bibliophile #Writer #WebDev

* #FreeCulture #OpenKnowledge
* #Kosher #Torah
* #Hiking #Archery #Running
* #Violin #Flute #Ppop #Kpop #Jpop #Cpop
* #Games #Anime #Pdrama #Kdrama #Jdrama #Cdrama


#YourOnlyOne #T2pub #fedi22
Description: Wtf
Age: 16
Description: Funny stuff
Location: IL, USA
Hometown: Chicago
Description: freedom japan
Age: 40
Location: japan
Hometown: miyako
Description: A CS student learning the intricacies of socialising on the internet and physically
About: This is where I escape the confines of my main account's scrutiny (I hope)
Location: Switzerland
Hometown: Lausanne
Description: Lover of sports and tech
Location: Denmark