Description: Otim Picnic!
Description: 🐬 Autistic Xennial INFP ✨ Appeared: Sports Seoul & The Daily Report (Arirang) ❄ Free Culture & Privacy advocate 🖖🏽
About: ᜋᜊᜓᜑᜌ᜔ Acts 24 🐬 #ActuallyAutistic #Xennial #INFP ❄️ from another parallel world. 🖖🏽 ✨ Appeared in Sports Seoul & The Daily Report (Arirang) #YourOnlyOne #Philippines #FreeCulture #Writer #WebDev #SemanticWeb #Hugo Interests: * #Privacy #Security #IndieWeb * Decentralization, Fediverse * #Music - #Ppop #Jpop #Kpop #Cpop - learning the violin * #anime #movies #Kdrama * #games * #blogger * #bibliophile - #books * #Multilingual * #Asian / #ASEAN Citizen #fedi22
Description: Eg233
Age: 1
Description: христианский проект
Location: Екатеринбург, , Россия
About: это русский аналог проекта ОМХТ и резервная копия его. Здесь вы найдёте: христианские клипы, трансляции служений, христианские картинки, христианскую музыку на русском языке. Подписывайтесь, и да хранит вас Бог проект РХИТ был создан 1 сентября 2021 году на медиаплатформе
Age: 41
Location: Красноярский край, Российская федерация
Hometown: Красноярск
Description: I'm a musician
Age: 39
Location: Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
Hometown: Berdiansk
Description: Выживание в экстремальных ситуациях. lang_ru
Description: Антиреклама и жалобы на интернет. Борьба с вредителями. lang_ru
About: Борьба с вредителями
Description: Una pequeñita alma errante que a veces se le olvida que lo es. Una que escribe y trata de escuchar. Una que toma fotos de vez en cuando. Al leer, escuchar u observar algo, lo quiere escribir
Age: 26
Location: Hemisferio Sur
Hometown: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
About: A pesar de que en muchas ocasiones fácilmente se me podría ver como fatalista, porque honestamente esa es la postura que tomo, mucho de la realidad que me es presentada me fascina, me desperita curiosidad, y sí, también me confunde a veces. Me gustaría hacer una periodismo filosófico al estilo gonzo. Prefiero más la música instrumental a la música hablada. La música clásica moderna o minimalista me reconforta, antes eso lo hacía el noise y el Witch House y mucho antes el EDM (Electronic Dance Music) que ya a esta altura de la vida se cambió por el IDM (Intelligent Dance Music).
Description: Zot universum experimental hub
Age: 4
Location: Russian Federation
Description: Interested in philosophy & effects of technology on society
Age: 59
Description: menos es mas
Age: 41
Description: Wohn und Design Ideen
Age: 40
Location: Germany
Hometown: Berlin
About: Aktuelle Nachrichten zu Mode, Design, Tattoos und Wohnideen im Überblick. Bei uns finden Sie alle Informationen.
Description: Z O N I N O Z __ ɐʇʇǝɹ ɐǝuıl ɐl è ǝlıqıɹɹǝʇ ùıd oʇuıɹıqɐl lI: __ __
Location: Italy
Description: A Doctor (Ophthalmologist), Interested in IT & Computer Science , learning whaterver could be useful & Ultimately just a man seeking truth
Age: 36


Description: hello
Description: Extinction Rebellion - in the Fediverse
Age: 3
Description: Freedom Fighter
About: A Libertarian American Political commentator, shitposter, memer, and whatever the fuck i decide to be. My page is offensive you better deal with it!
Age: 23
About: Senior It manger of NASL.
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Description: Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom (pronounced “waaḥat’ as-salaam/nevei shalom”)Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom (WAS-NS) is a vil­lage of Palestinian and Jewish citizens in Israel
Age: 52
About: Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom (pronounced “waaḥat’ as-salaam/nevei shalom”)Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom (WAS-NS) is a vil­lage of Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel ded­icated to building justice, peace and equality in the country and the region. Situated equidistant from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the community was established in 1970 by Fr. Bruno Hussar on land of the Latrun Monastery. It is a model of equality, mu­tual respect and partnership that challenges existing patterns of racism and discrimination as well as the continued conflict. The community has established educational institutions based on its ideals and con­ducts activities focused on social and political change. Many of the village members work in peace, justice and reconciliation projects. It has a popula­tion of 70+ families and will grow to 150 families.
Age: 38
Location: Lithuania
Location: Ukraine
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About: Tell us about yourself text
Description: Here for the sweetest man in the whole world, who isn't here yet... a place to keep alive the parts of my soul he rekindled when I was led to him ✨💗🫂🙏
Description: Discovering Hubzilla