Description: music music music
Description: Aktuelle Dynamik, Turbulenzen, Verwerfungen gezielt dafür nutzen, um in der _zwangsweise_ _neu_ zu strukturierenden Kommunikation die dezentralen Netzwerke zu etablieren
About: Das Medienkompetenz-Akademie Forum ist eine Initiative, die das Ziel hat, die Etablierung von dezentralen Netzwerken in verschiedenen Lebensbereichen zu fördern
Description: My personal semi-private channel. Public posts are often about Hubzilla and the Fediverse or comments on human rights and climate change.
Location: Sweden
Homepage: alt.
Description: IT voodoo
Age: 49
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Description: Zot universum experimental hub
Age: 5
Description: Just another paranoid psycho kid
Description: This is a channel/forum for users support - not admins questions
About: This forum was created to help hubzilla users in relation to various issues regarding users' use of hubzilla. Questions related to the administrative part must be done in other forums. Thanks for understanding.
Obviously new users are welcome, but also the old ones ;-)
Description: Cafe Napkin Notes
About: writing fictional worlds
Description: Doctor Who Discussion Forum [EN]
Age: 62
Location: Ohio, USA
Hometown: Beachwood
Keywords: judaism, astronomy, sci-fi
About: I’m a Torah-observant Jew living in an affluent suburb of Cleveland. I live among my people. This is good, but sometimes inconvenient (like if I leave the light on in the refrigerator on the Sabbath). My faith is a huge part of my life. I share about it - a lot, customarily. I have a wife and four children, all of whom I love very, very much.

I’m kind of pompous sometimes. When I was taking my MBA, my cohort accused me of making up words. They called it “Philbonics.” I just have a broad vocabulary.

Some consider me amusing, and some compliment my singing voice. This makes me somewhat uncomfortable because I worry about Karma (or the Jewish equivalent, really).

Location: London, United Kingdom
Hometown: London
About: I am an amateur photographer, musician, trained psychotherapist, computer programmer, writer, and more.
Description: Virtual Worlds meeting point @ Hubzilla
Age: 5
Location: Fediverse, Hubzilla
About: Gather the Google+ users of the Virtual Worlds
Description: Always playing. Non-stop. The music. The Music Stream.
Age: 5
Keywords: music, musica, musique, muziek, musik
About: CG artist | Musician | Cathearder | Nerd
Keywords: fantasy
Description: The quest for the next consumers' Google+ has begun! Welcome to Hubzilla and beyond, Plussers!
Age: 5
Location: Fediverse, Hubzilla
Age: 59
Description: Foolosopher
Keywords: Foolosophy
About: My head have ideas. Crazy.
Description: Testing on the ...testing server
About: Technical expert studying and  writing helpful articles on antivirus and other security products.
Description: i shave regularly -- every 3--5 months.
Age: 66
Location: West Bengal, India
Hometown: Mayapur
About: not now...
Description: Not ready yet
Location: The Netherlands
Hometown: The Netherlands
Location: France
Description: Physics Teacher and human intelligence Enthusiast. Prof. Fí­sica e Entusiasta da Inteligência human
Age: 54
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro
About: Um entusiasta da inteligência humana... mais sobre mim? Siga esse apontador!

A  human intelligence enthusiast... more about me? Follow this Link!
Description: НОВ
Age: 4
Description: just a channel/profile for testing federation
Location: zot planet,
Keywords: federation, fediverse, zot
About: just a channel/profile for testing federation
Description: Habor
Age: 22
Age: 23
About: Senior It manger of NASL.
Description: a murmuring writer
Age: 30
Location: Europe,