Age: 31
Description: Toko Bunga Bandung
Age: 24
Location: ID, Indonesia
Hometown: Bandung
About: I am an alien, please do not tell everyone.
Description: "Be Reasonable. Demand the Impossible."
Description: Retired
Age: 73
Location: Liguria, Italia
Hometown: Bordighera (IM)
About: Pensionato di Bordighera (IM), Liguria, Italy. Blogger ( Fotoamatore. Divulgatore (
Description: Hellooooo!!!
Description: i am digital marketer.
Age: 23
Location: Florida, United States
Hometown: Miami
About: I am a technical expert in Internet security and i also write blog on internet security and applications. I am also technical adviser to various industries on security and privacy.
Location: Netherlands
Description: Neu hier, durchgeknallt, verrückt, humorvoll und ehrfurchtslos
Age: 17
Description: ALLBe
Location: Texas, United States
Hometown: Dallas
About: I am Alyson and i worked in Unique Software Development Remarkable Artificial Intelligence Development Company gives first class benefits in programming improvement with profound mastery in Artificial knowledge, Machine Learning, IoT, AR/VR and Data Architecture. From plan to conveyance, we serve to accomplish greatness in your advanced development through a solid system.
Description: Основная конфа 💻
Location: Россия
About: Короче🐼
Description: Hi, it's Anamul.
Location: BD
About: Cyber monday deals 2020
Description: Data ~ AnNih ~ Chaos Magick ~ Tech ~ FOSS
About: Computer Scientist. Psychonaut. AnNhi with Agorist economical tendencies. Chaos Magician. Audiophile. Antinatalist. FOSS enthusiast. INTP.

I like playing D&D, V:tM and World of Darkness; emulated retro games and sometimes League of Legends or some shooter on mobile. I'm always up to recommendations.

I love the smell of old books, but let's be practical, PDFs and EPUBs are more convenient. I can't have all the books I'm reading in my pocket.

I don't support causes others than mine; not being a piece of shite with my fellow sapiens is enough for me.

If I'm not here I'm probably reading, playing guitar or trying to sing in tune. I'm always listening to music.

"The prince is never going to come. Everyone knows that; and maybe sleeping beauty's dead" - Anne Rice 🥀
Location: Bejaia, Algeria
Location: Argentina
Description: This anime channel belongs to halfey.
Hometown: 2D Land
Description: I make software
Age: 23
Location: Kerala, India
Hometown: Thrissur
About: I love to make software
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Hometown: Shibuya
Description: Marketing Manager
Age: 30
Location: California, US
Hometown: California
Age: 59
Description: Atmateria Metaphysical podcast. Tradition & Metaphysics
Age: 46
About: Don't reboot it. Just patch !!!
Location: new york, United States
Hometown: NEW YORK
Description: i am
Age: 23