Description: This, that.
Location: Germany
Keywords: comics, cartoon, art
Description: Artist
About: I am an artist/photographer. Here I explore some dimensions of my personal relationship with photography and art. (Public and private posts on Wednesdays, probably). Feel free to write me.
Cover photo: © André França. art world - London #1, 2011 (fragment).
Profile photo: © André França. Backyard II #10, 2014 (fragment).
Description: Autor de "Tito Deve Morrer!", "Vendetta - Non Dvcor Dvco" e pré-candidato ao governo do estado de São Paulo
Age: 45
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
About: Anarquista, autor e desenvolvedor de "Tito Deve Morrer!" e Pré-candidato ao Governo do Estado de São Paulo.
About: I'm here to share things that I find interesting, to learn new things, to meet people and have good conversations. (I am interested in the "tags" above).

All photographs: CC 2021-2022 Fleeting Cloud, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

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