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revolution civilsociety declare war to globalist conspiracy agenda great reset wef
name Mochammmad Yuliardhi pratama a.ka cybernetwalker a.Ka Maskugatiger.
Based Community at twitter.

I am High Leader In the world. political and geopolitical observer, war, & strategist. I am a religious expert, science & technology expert & historian. I have supervisioner, expert in making decisions & master leadership & administration expert. I am a propagandist, schemer & war expert. in the real world & cyberspace. i love all art, & i am a pro game tester. but I mostly deal with divine missions, humanitarian missions & various global & major human problems. I love worship, study & read a lot. .as well as surfing and hunting various information. My hobbies are all brain sports, heavy & extreme. I am a person who is easy to get along with a variety of people & adapt quickly to new environments. I'm an expert at influencing & motivating others. I am the type of person who dares to defend & fight for justice & truth. even before the authorities, or millions of armed people. some say I am a person who has a sense of humor & cultivates a high level of language, a romantic person, very creative & talented, full of ideas & innovations. also very sensitive & reactive, & I am an excellent debater. some people think I'm the most dangerous person, & some people I don't know. & maybe I am a person who is able to mobilize many people in the world. for a purpose, that too if I will.
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on Top out side Political system (outLaw)
Book islam ,music, extreme sport, all genre game
lie people, heresy & abmoral.
Readbook, and surfering at Cybernet (cyberwalker)
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nothing.. idk
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grunge,EDM, techno ,remix,metal,rock,pop
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davinci code, 1001 arabian night, sherlock holmes, orwell 1984
Resident evils, Matrix, Ghost shell, Akira Dystopia anime, John wick, Silence hill,Zombie landa,Aliens,starwars,LOTR, Titanic ,Final fantasy
takeshi castle ,eyewitness, Disney, MGM cartoon, Nickeloden, 90s Movie.
Poem.. sweet Girl, My loved, happy face from Children ,
servant of God, in God's institution.
Expert many.. mybe