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Robert Brown
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Soldotna Alaska
#Alaska #engineering
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I am a Boatswain’s Mate Chief Petty Officer, in the U.S. Navy. I am retiring this March after 23 years.

going to school at ODU for mechanical engineering. Being a retiree veteran student is far harder than I thought, the info takes more to fix into my head.

I primarily operate and train others with small boats, coastal warfare. That roles has changing into a systems engineering role with boat systems (AC & DC electrical, propulsion, fuel, plumbing, hydraulics, septic, hvac and refrigeration ect). I update install or repair theses systems and make stuff work together.

currently I am in an executive level training and strategic planning role. Planning and running large scale global events and scenarios, simultaneously with multiple units. Not a lot of excitement but lots of spinning plates.

I was born and raised in Alaska and I’m still very engaged in supporting and protecting my beautiful home state.

very interested in agriculture and specificly within Alaska. The state produces 5% of its own food and everything is shipped in.

I’m more into the design side of mechanical engineering, how things go together and effect the corresponding systems. Likely to expand into aeronautical engineering for that fulfilling impact type of stuff. I also have interests in agricultural engineering and robotics ect. I especially interested in how engineering can help us create a better society.

I’m incredibly interested in #politics and protecting our democracy.

I’m often found on my sailboat or on the water somehow. Fishing, kayaking, boating, doesn’t matter. The water and lifestyle is in my blood, the Navy is just an enabler.
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