Description: Here we can discuss and revise the 1st draft of the Nua-Celtic Manifesto
Age: 1
About: Discussion Basis for the Creation of a Nua-Celtic Manifesto

We Nua-Celts have recognized that most of humanity, especially since the Industrial Revolution, has turned away from a sustainable way of life as practiced by the ancient Celts. By upholding the values of the druids and celebrating the best results of cultural evolution since the Iron Age, we are helping to create the paradise on earth that is the birthright of All-That-Is. Through the ever-faster erosion of the ancestral authorities a vacuum has arisen, in which the hubris and the egoism are ever the more rarely set limits. The ancient Celts knew the dangers of a materialistic approach to life and therefore subordinated themselves to the natural authority of the druids. A good life is possible only when we achieve harmony with All-That-Is through practiced spirituality. This maxim is missing as a component in communism, socialism, liberalism, capitalism (also in its camouflage as social market economy) and all other dominancy systems, which is why they must fail.

# Our Vision
People living in a Nua-Celtic fashion make it their highest priority to continuously increase their level of spirituality through daily spiritual practices. These should be individually chosen and as diverse as possible.
Nua-Celts resist the exploitation of their labour by capitalists, serve in their professions from an inner need and thus create a good life for All-That-Is. This includes the Realm of Energy*, human and non-human beings, the plants as well as the elementals, the Ore and Metal Realm* and the Stone and Mineral Realm.
A healthy life on a sick planet is impossible! Nua-Celts therefore contribute to the preservation or re-establishment of intact, species-rich ecosystems for human and non-human beings as well as the plant world everywhere. Additionally, they contribute to the availability of clean air and soil as well as clean water for all living beings everywhere.
The dignity of all life is equal. The rights of all living beings are equal in aiming for a good life without concerns. The chances for mental, spiritual, emotional as well as physical development and integrity must also be provided equally. A loving cooperation in mutual appreciation is possible and necessary. We strive for knowledge free of dominance and a cooperative and caring co-existence without a `dominance pyramid` (Riane Eisler).
Every living being is treated with the same respect and mindfulness, which should also find expression in a legal system that provides adequate compensation for any discrimination. We want to live in happy co-habitation with all other human beings and species and encounter each other in a nonviolent manner. As humanity we shall serve all life on earth in such a way that we give more than we take with the lowest consumption of resources. We Nua-Celts strive for the highest possible state of soul, which automatically decreases our material needs.

The logical-linear thinking gained the upper hand against the holistic thinking in dynamic cycles of the Celtic peoples with the defeat of the Gauls against the Romans. What has not been tried since then to enable people to live a good life in harmony with nature? Various religious, governmental, formal and informal norms, programs, philosophies and economic systems have been tried. And now we are faced with leaving our descendants hardly anything of true value, but only a filthy, exploited Mother Earth and debts.
Even now, in this ecological, social, democratic, poverty, hunger, debt, financial, economic and sense crisis, attempts are again being made to solve those problems that we did not have in the first place with Neoliberalism and Monetarism. Do we really want more of the means and methods that have made us sick? We want to prevent the climate catastrophe as well as the collapse of the social systems and overcome a comprehensive crisis of meaning and existing poverty. But how can we expect the same thinking and action to produce different results this time? How could we hope that through the capitalist greed for profit, the declining attractiveness of the liberal democracies will be reversed and finally a good life for all living beings on Mother Earth will be made possible?

The ancient Celts upheld values such as truthfulness, loyalty, faithfulness, generosity, hospitality, honesty, righteousness, justice, bravery and courage. These are part of an honourable life. We want to try something partly new, using ancient values that meet today's highest moral standards as a compass. Why not adopt the superior habits of thought and the ancestral knowledge of the druids and go the Nua-Celtic way?
A tree without healthy roots dies and falls over. What prevents us from returning to our Celtic roots, drawing inspiration and strength from them to develop a Nua-Celtic Culture?

# To live Nua-Celtic means, for example
... to become more aware of ourselves and to realize that our soul is immortal.
... to use our incarnations to reach a higher state of soul through service.
... that we help each other to be better people than we were before.
... that we always try to have a personal relationship with those who serve us or produce something for us.
... that we choose the smaller, if it is sufficient, to the bigger (e.g. handicraft over industrial production).
... that, ideally, at least three generations live together harmoniously under one roof.
... intensive exchange within the neighbourhood where everything is shared as far as possible and wherever possible is provided on a division of labour basis (e.g. growing fruit and vegetables, cooking or building a house together).
... conservative use of common goods (e.g. buildings, vehicles, machines, tools, works of art, clothing, jewelry).
... lifelong learning (e.g. energy work, non-violent communication, conflict resolution, mediation, presentation, moderation, argumentation, behavioral techniques, herbalism, preparation of herbal medicine, natural healing methods, organic farming, rhetoric, systemic consensus building).
... self-restraint (e.g. in personal living space, mobility), consuming only as much as one absolutely needs instead of consuming as much as one can afford; egoistic maximization of benefit is replaced by orientation towards the common good and sufficiency.

# We Nua-Celts strive to live as best we can according to the following maxims of conduct:
+    We love our neighbours like we love ourselves. Everything we have that is more than our neighbours have is a luxury. When everyone is concerned about the welfare of their neighbours, then everyone is abundantly provided for. As soon as everyone puts themselves into the service for their fellow world, All-That-Is is best served.
+    We raise the moral standards of our own actions in a self-determined way.
+    We value the dignity of all living beings equally. That is why we demand an end to animal testing. Animals should always be able to live in a species-appropriate manner and livestock farming should be reduced as much as possible.
+    We renounce genetic engineering products. If exceptions are necessary for medical purposes, these must be examined in individual cases and strictly controlled.
+    We live on a vegan or at least vegetarian diet. We show our gratitude to the plants.
+    We encounter each other as we wish others to encounter us.
+    We live non-violent towards ourselves, in our relationships, towards our fellow world and in overcoming any violence or grievances.
+    We replace our self-interested thinking and acting by striving for the highest good of All-That-Is.
+    We acknowledge the destructive effect of growth in a finite world. A good life for all people is only possible with a decreasing world GDP, which is distributed as equally as possible to all. That means that we in the global north have to limit ourselves (#degrowth), so that self-determined developments are still possible in the south.
+    We decide self-determined for self-limitation and against the excessive fulfillment of artificial desires. We accept gratefully what others give us to the best of our ability and give ourselves in gifts, even immaterial ones such as care, what we can without expecting anything in return.
+    We self-determinedly end our striving for independence and recognize our dependence on the love of our social environment.
+    We stop judging. We evaluate rather than judge.
+    We empower ourselves. We strive to overcome dominant systems of power and authoritarian or corrupt forms of rule without violence. We contribute to the abdication of democratically illegitimate rulers and the abolition of nobility and all other privileges.
+    We strive for a democracy that replaces representation as far as possible with direct decisions by the electorates.
+    We raise our voices against the screaming injustice as well as the terrible grievances on earth.
+    We assist in the shaping of politics. We research public issues, e.g. geo-strategy, for at least half an hour a day. The exclusive consumption of the mainstream media is insufficient for us.
+    We are the first to take steps for a better world that we so longingly expect from others. In doing so, we attempt to keep the correct moderation.
+    We strive to use less resources than Mother Earth provides us with. The less we 'have', the more we can 'be'. In this way, we do our part in preventing the climate catastrophe that is already clearly on the horizon, so that civilized humanity can survive on Earth.
+    We know that Mother Earth is a living organism. Decency forbids us to appropriate what belongs to her. Our love for Mother Earth prevents us from cannibalizing her. We recognize that we too are only guests on Mother Earth, and we strive to behave as such.
+    We contradict the erroneous statements that economic growth is needed. We have seen through the fact that so-called "green growth" also consumes scarce resources and widens the gap between the global north and south. We are mindful of the words of Yeshua in Sananda, according to which it is more likely for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.
+    We take care of our salvation, thereby rejecting the capitalist way of life. The pursuit of profit promotes the reduction of light in man. It turns idealistic, cooperative children into selfish, competitive adults. The pursuit of profit must stop as the profit of some is the loss of others and thus a violation of their human rights.
+    We first ask ourselves: do I need this product/service at all, and if so, how little can I be satisfied with?
+    We limit our consumption of resources and energy massively and are helping to ensure that total demand is covered as soon as possible exclusively by 100% regenerative sources.
+    We prepare ourselves - each in his/her personal way - spiritually for ascension. We clearly distinguish between spirituality and religiosity.

# violencefree, appreciative, "as well as"
How shall the change be accomplished? How shall a Nua-Celtic way of economy be established? How do we get druids to guide us by the power of their knowledge and high state of soul?
Within a caterpillar there are imago cells that already belong to the butterfly. Likewise, projects of the Nua-Celtic Movement in connection with other movements will advance the urgently needed and often desired change.
Answers for all open questions should be found in the same way as all projects should be developed: after sufficient discussions on a value-appreciating basis. The implementation should only occur on the basis of a `Systemic Consent` (Visotschnig and Schrotta).
As in the old Celtic manner, there will be no "either - or", but an "as well as" to be found within and between pluralistic societies for the diversity in the unity of All-That-Is. Non-violent conflicts and opposing views are possible and desired.

# Our mission: We serve All-That-Is honourably and in carefree love!
According to Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, the purpose of life is to serve by bringing about goodness in action, behaviour, speech and thought, and by accumulating virtue that transforms negatives in soul, mind and body into positives in all aspects of life. Jesus taught, "He who wants to be first shall be last of all and servant of all." (Mark 9:35)
To believe that the individual is separate from the rest of creation is an illusion. Because everything is connected to everything, we want to serve All-That-Is in our best possible way.

Fighting the undesirable is insufficient and a waste of energy. Before the rotten beams of the capitalist world order collapse, we seek to build Nua-Celtic communities that promote good co-existence for all. In doing so, it is always necessary to find and cultivate in the right spirit, the right measure, the right form as well as the right expression.

At present, the right still proceeds from money. The plutocrats act in such a way, as if they rather prefer the end of mankind than the end of capitalism! Currently, the majority increase the outrageous wealth of a few. Wealth means power and endangers the existence of the powerless majority. To put it in a nutshell: Wealth kills!

With our love we oppose the rich, who are mainly responsible for the threatening climate catastrophe, exploit us and make us sick. We want to free ourselves from a system in which the power of the rich grows through the growing debts of the poor.
We question the principle of performance in terms of its material incentive effect and thus capitalist tendency. How can we speak of meritocracy when some begin with nothing but (moral) obligations to provide for their dependents and others start with an elite education and a fortune in their working biographies, for which their parents' relationships are stepping stones?
The more we produce, the more chaos we create. And this spreads: Not only on and in the earth, but also within us. Instead of "going back to normal" as it was before the pandemic, let us evolve and put ourselves in service for a good carefree life for all beings.

# Service
We Nua-Celts wish to move from capitalist labour enslavement to self-determination, serving All-That-Is in unconditional love. Instead of making the rich richer through our work, we want to serve All-That-Is!

In former times slaves were easily recognized by their chains. Today the slaves of the capitalists don't wear them anymore, most of them even believe they are free. They put on their "chains" themselves by signing and fulfilling contracts in favour of the rich exploiting them. Credit contracts are a particularly perfidious example of the shackled poor. The exploited masses become victims of needs artificially created within them by advertising. If they take out a loan to satisfy their needs, they have to pay back currency which the banks never possessed but only created out of nothing (fiat money).

The basic evil of capitalism is that it is about profit maximization instead of the welfare of All-That-Is. That is why, for example, even services are replaced by goods: e.g. a massage becomes a massage chair.
In a capitalist enterprise there are entrepreneurs and the exploited: managers and the managed ones. Capitalism forces the incessant transformation of human labour into money, that is, from the human into the inhuman. This money is then accumulated under dehumanizing working conditions and then turned as quickly as possible into even more capital. When "human resources" can no longer be capitalized, they become "human waste”. When the "human material" can no longer consume or produce, or no longer wants to, it comes under fire of big business. From the point of view of those who have become rich through capitalism and of the powerful in socialist or communist states, humanity can be divided into four groups:
1. us
2. productive human capital
3. human resources yet to be enslaved
4. unproductive human waste (tolerated only because it consumes)

The prevailing economic systems ignore the fact that people pursue mutually contradictory goals. Capitalism and socialism/communism fuel egoism. We Nua-Celts, on the other hand, develop a way of life and economy that promotes altruism and thus makes it much easier for people to raise their state of soul. Thus, the separation of producers and consumers is to be overcome by their unification to prosumers* (e.g. in cooperatives).
Let us stop serving only the bosses, the bigwigs and the billionaires through our work, but let us create a good life for All-That-Is. Self-cultivation of means of living (e.g. Solidarity Farming), handicrafts and small-scale sharing should again take over the majority of the supply.

Those who live only on the returns of their capital do not work. Unless exploitation is defined as work. If workers go to the bank, in order to withdraw the interest of their laborious savings, that is also not defined as work. If, nevertheless, capital owners should call the administration of their often only inherited, donated or married fortune as work, then you can announce yourselves gladly: We Nua-Celts are sure to find volunteers to barter with the rich.

The demand for a "right to work" often hides the demand for compulsory work for all ("only those who work should also eat!"). Instead, the goal should be: "A good life for All-That-Is, with as little work as possible!" To end the congestion through consumption („Konsumverstopfung“ © Niko Paech) in the global north and also for the benefit of non-human living beings, industrial production and weekly working hours should be reduced by at least half.

In the future, everyone in the medical professions will be allowed to serve their clients exclusively. Under capitalism many serve their own profit interests and those of private hospitals and pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Profit-oriented hospitals are to be transformed into public welfare-oriented health care centers.
People have several bodies, not only the physical one. Accordingly, the approach of Western conventional medicine is inadequate. Giving drugs to sick people instead of trying to change the circumstances that make them sick is like cutting the vocal cords of animals in pain so as not to hear their cries of pain.
The pharmaceutical industry should also be examined to see where it makes a positive contribution to the common good. Where this is the case, it should be split up into small, controllable regional suppliers or communitized.
Any incentives to make money from the sick or those in need should be eliminated as quickly as possible. If there are still differences in the incomes of physicians, these should result from the fact that those whose clients achieve a better state of health through treatment then earn more.
If prevention has not been enough, it is necessary to recognize the message behind each illness and to activate the self-healing powers. Holistic therapy methods and natural, preferably regional remedies, are to be applied. Medicines no longer serve to maximize profit by combating symptoms, but support healing and prevention as far as possible.

# All-That-Is
Mankind must enable enough space for untouched nature. As soon as possible, at least half of the earth's surface, including 60% of the forests, should be protected, rewilded and kept as free as possible from non-indigenous human influences. For this purpose, at least one tenth of the area used by humans should be renaturalized in an immediate program and, if at all, only have a non-commercial recreational function primarily for children (cf. "natural forest reserves" in Tyrol).
Forests are to be converted back into near-natural mixed, species-rich woods, because these have a higher biodiversity, resilience and a higher recreational and healing effect. Renaturalized, species-rich mixed woods should be located as close as possible to recreation seekers and should be freely accessible. Radiation-free areas are to be established so that people sensitive to radiation can recreate or settle there.

# Self-determined living
Freedom and equality are in conflict with each other. A good life in which conflicts are resolved without violence presupposes equal freedom for all. Therefore, we are committed to limiting individual freedom in a self-determined manner. Some reasons for this are:
1.    the impending climate catastrophe
2.    the progressive sealing of the land and the obliteration of agricultural land
3.    the extinction of species: for some ecosystems the influence of man is even worse than the asteroid impact 66 million years ago
4.    air, water and soil pollution
5.    imperialism
6.    globalisation without internalisation of external costs
7.    insane wealth and abject poverty
8.    speculation with food and hunger
9.    vaccination nationalism instead of solidarity
10.    patent protection for taxpayer-funded multinationals instead of cheap vaccines for all
11.    rights are dictated by the rich instead of the population
12.    the financial sector which, despite the financial crisis from 2008 onwards, has been completely inadequately regulated, has disconnected itself from the real economy and represents a growing potential danger
13.    wealthy people, celebrities, powerful people and influencers who live a lavish lifestyle are admired instead of shunned
14.    more than 1,900 billion US$ are spent annually on weapons while aid organisations do not even receive 3.4 per thousand of this amount to save more than 34 million people from starvation
15.    the "intergenerational contract" is being dissolved by intergenerational accusations
16.    authoritarian regimes and anti-democratic or illiberal tendencies in representative democracies that are increasingly becoming oligarchies
17.    exploitation of basic human needs instead of unconditional basic care
18.    the resources of Mother Earth are ruthlessly plundered and rainforests illegally cut down
19.    privatised water supply maximizes profits and exacerbates the thirst of the poor
20.    redistribution from the bottom to the top
21.    The gap between rich and poor and between women's and men's incomes is widening even in OECD countries
22.    Waste of resources in rich countries and scarcity in poor countries
23.    legal tax avoidance for those who can afford it, instead of fair burden sharing
24.    system-threatening financial speculation and capital accumulation ("too big to fail")
25.    trade privileges for multinationals instead of fair trade
26.    few cash in on the use of nuclear power but everyone has to live with the unsafe situation of contaminated materials and the danger of further non-/beyond-design-basis accidents like the Fukushima I nuclear accidents, the Three Mile Island accident and the Chernobyl disaster
27.    competition for increasingly scarce raw materials
28.    imminent mass poverty, also in the global north, as more and more workers are replaced by technology and pension systems are insufficiently endowed
29.    the superiority of the OECD countries leads to migration from the global south; but instead of accepting economic refugees on fair terms, they then make use of illegal pushbacks
30.    people in the global south lose their livelihoods
31.    migrants have to follow expensive traffickers on dangerous routes
32.    surviving refugees are then mostly turned away as economic refugees by rich countries or forced into illegality and exploited
33.    there is still gender inequality, high suicide rates, multiple addictions, mental illness, slavery, corruption, arbitrariness and abuse of power, human trafficking and other forms of criminality, torture, death sentences, multiple violence and discrimination, racism, extremism, illiberality, jihadism and other radicalisms, multiple human rights violations like in Guantanamo, wars and assassinations without indictment, without trial, without judicial verdict and without the possibility of appeal even by so-called civilised states
As long as capitalism or authoritarian regimes like socialism/communism still exist, an end to these and countless other abuses is unforeseeable.

All people are different. To treat unequal things equally is unjust. Nevertheless, all life has the same right to undertake an individual soul journey. This freedom finds its natural limits where the freedom of other living beings is restricted or where the obligation towards society begins. We recall Art. 4 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789: "Liberty consists in being able to do anything that does not harm another..."
Equal freedom for all means limiting the freedom of the rich and powerful when they fall into exhorbitance or hubris, or when positions of power are exercised selfishly. Adam Smith wrote about this in his "The Theory of Moral Sentiments" (quoted from Felix Meiner, Hamburg, pp. 381-383): "The wise and virtuous man always agrees to sacrifice his own private interest to the public interest."

There are no desirable alternatives to democratic constitutions, which are immature in their present form. Freedom of thought and expression must be guaranteed and defended for all in the future. All those who participate in the Nua-Celtic movement are therefore called upon to work towards pushing back representation as far as possible and replacing it with direct participation and informed decision-making by as many members of a community as possible. The new opportunities offered by digitisation should finally be fully exploited for this purpose.
Informed, well-considered decisions require knowledge of indisputable facts. These should be determined by incorruptible, publicly employed researchers who are committed solely to the common good. Facts, including their interpretation possibilities, should be communicated without barriers by the state, independent scientists and by journalists who are responsible only to their conscience. This applies in particular to the public media, which are to be freed from the influence of the rich and powerful.

Surveillance and the possibility of surveillance are increasing with digitalisation. Unbidden, users constantly create "surveillance goods" that are expropriated and thus rapidly increase the non-transparent power of the "surveillance capitalists" (© Shoshana Zuboff), robbing us of our privacy and creating the basis for "micro-targeting", "nudging" and the total surveillance state (cf. „Social Credit System“ in China).
We take advantage of digitalisation (e.g. for direct democracy) but protect ourselves as best we can from its misuse and the collection of our personal data. Cashless payments involve the exploitation of personal data. We therefore reject this as well as digital currencies (enhancement of surveillance and sanction possibilities).
Nua-Celts demand back the sovereignty of the data collected about them. Personal data must be actively sent to users on a regular basis and demonstrably deleted under external supervision, unless their use or archiving has been expressly agreed to after inspection.
Free access to the Internet is needed, which must be regulated and shielded from snoopers in order to exclude the possibility of abuse as much as possible. Minors must be prepared in good time to deal responsibly with the digital world and to be as well armed as possible against its dangers.

Through the unconditional basic provision, ultimately no one on earth should have to engage in gainful employment any more in order to be able to lead a good life. All those who want to pursue self-determined work that promotes the general welfare (this will be more than 98%!) should not do this for more than 20 hours on a maximum of five half working days per week ("time sovereignty"). Weekends and holidays should be free of work as far as possible. Thus, there would be meaningful opportunities for all people to participate in the provision of free common goods and services and to participate in social life, as well as sufficient freedom to pursue individual interests and to increase their own state of soul.

# Being truthful
Nua-Celts oppose any influence in decision-making as well as restrictions on freedom of the press and freedom of expression. They promote pluralism of opinion, an appreciative culture of discussion and conflict resolution, and free and transparent decision-making processes. They are expected to participate actively in planning and consultation processes (such as Consensus Conferences, citizens' councils/assemblies or Citizens' jury), whereby their participation should be fully compensated and take place on working days.

The truthfulness in some chief editorships seems to correlate negatively with the profits of the respective media companies, as a quote from editor Horst Pirker in the magazine "trend" of October 15, 2021 suggests: "The relationship between politics and the media needs comprehensive legal regulation, especially where money flows between politics and the media are concerned. Anything is better than the conditions we have, which are getting worse; anything is better than arbitrariness in politics and the media."
All media enterprises should be transferred to the cooperative self-administration of those journalists who live up to their high responsibility for the common good and primarily disseminate "good news" as quickly as possible. Particularly in the management levels, business interests and close relationships of media people to the rich and powerful are to be uncovered and dissolved, so that media can exercise their task as a "public watchdog" freely and without influence. New and existing media, platforms and especially investigative journalists, who critically deal with the rich and powerful, the dominant narratives and grievances, should get a solid financial basis for quality work, so that they can report alternative opinions. In the future, media funding should only be granted with the consent of at least a two-thirds majority of parliament. Government contracts (e.g. procurements, advertisements, studies) should be continuously monitored by an independent audit office in future in order to be able to trace any connection between the flow of taxpayers' money and positive reporting for the governments (keyword "advertisement corruption").

# And concretely?
Separation, under the misleading slogan of "self-realisation", is a strategy of the capitalists leading so-called "civilised" mankind to their downfall. In contrast, we remember that man is a "herding animal". In the "you" the "I" recognizes itself and in the "we" it unfolds to the full bloom, in order to make its best possible progress on the soul journey. Meaningful for the individual can only be what makes sense for all living beings, thus serving them.

All those who join a Nua-Celt grouping thereby express their willingness to engage with the cultural heritage of the Celtic, Gaulish, Briton, Celtiberian and Galatian peoples as well as the currently still living Celtic nations and language islands and to take the noblest of their values as a guideline. The inclusive culture of Nua-Celts welcomes the diversity of cultures in the unity of All-That-Is and uses the Irish language for Pan-Celtic understanding.

All activities within the Nua-Celtic Movement are based on self-determination and the widest possible consent. Nua-Celts are called upon to ask forgiveness from all those whom they have ever harmed in thought, word or deed, and to offer unconditional forgiveness and compensation on their part. They are willing to stand up against any form of poverty and to offer help to their neighbours outside the Nua-Celtic groups. The members of the Nua-Celtic Movement should not only orient themselves by the categorical imperative of Immanuel Kant, but also take a self-empowered public stand and address uncomfortable truths.
We strive for the equality of living conditions for all people and therefore actively promote the worldwide dissemination of knowledge and qualification. The Nua-Celts live unrestricted solidarity and strive for the lowest possible consumption of resources, coming as far as possible from a regional and seasonal supply. They make their contribution and promote the end of the Anthropocene.

The Nua-Celtic Movement actively supports the flourishing of Nua-Celtic groups and self-governing villages, to which especially Druidic Schools belong. Community is lived within a pluralistic society instead of egoistic separation. Guests and those interested in working on Nua-Celtic projects should be welcomed there and, if possible, offered board and lodging.
Those members who have less than two children are invited to adopt or support stateless persons or minors from abroad. This can be done by taking in refugees or by financing an education for needy children in their home country or in a host country.

# Goal and limits of economic activity
The majority of the population must become a promoting component for the well-being of All-That-Is, away from the co-destructive disturbing factor of the natural cycles. They will move away from the growth-driving profit-orientation to the utility-value-orientation, away from the egoistic "having" to “caring and sharing”. The focus on gross domestic product should give way to an accounting of the common good, in which the unpaid charitable activities are included in a fair overall consideration (cf. Gross National Happiness, sumak kawsay, "buen vivir").

Since my profit is the loss of others, profit should only be an exception and completely taxed away. The murderous mechanism of making money out of money is to be abolished. Therefore, the banking and financial sector is also to be communitised and structured as small as possible. In the transitional phase, crowdfunding/crowdinvesting platforms committed to the common good are to promote the emergence and flourishing of common good projects.

All external costs are to be internalised, made generally comprehensible and easy to understand and added to the prices as real costs. In a process of truth and forgiveness, beneficiaries of the commons (e.g. springs, groundwater) and polluters of environmental damage (e.g. discharge of wastewater/process residues into water bodies, air pollution, appropriation of natural resources, commercial fishing) should be given the opportunity to compensate subsequently from their private assets. The Nua-Celts also set a good example in this case.

Nua-Celtic Economics categorically rejects taking interest as unethical. Economic cycles are to be organized as small-scale as possible. International or even global exchange relations are only desirable if they are based on renewable resources and – in a holistic cost consideration- generate an added value for the living beings on our planet.
Technomass must be reduced so that biodiversity can increase again and ecosystems can be strengthened. To achieve this it is essential, for example, to reduce advertising and the fashion industry to a minimum. For this purpose, a tax on advertising would be worth considering, to make it unaffordable in public space, in the media and on the Internet.
In a participatory way, it should be decided whether inventions should be turned into innovations, in order to transform the hubris of the technology believers into public utility. In addition, gain-of-function and similarly dangerous research must be placed under the supervision of international institutions and committed to the highest transparency towards the public.

Taxes should become the central control instrument by taxing undesirable behaviour high and life-affirming behavior low or even negative. Achieving the optimal state will require a restructuring of taxes and duties as well as strong regulation of the economy. This applies in particular to the financial sector and to the use of private data and artificial intelligence. Subsidies (e.g. for meat and milk production, fisheries, CO2- and raw material-intensive industries) and rights (e.g. tax privileges, letterbox companies, patents, rights to use works) that are harmful to the common good must be abolished as far as possible.

All economic activity should serve the common good, wherefore the existing multi-person enterprises are to be transformed into legal forms suitable for this purpose (e.g. cooperatives, non-profit associations and foundations). In no company should a company founder have more shares than each individual co-entrepreneur, whereby all have the same right of co-determination. The size of enterprises should be limited to a general welfare compatible measure.

The money- and credit system should eventually serve the creation of value and the satisfaction of the needs of all citizens (Cf. Art. 151 and 157 of the Bavarian Constitution). To this end, we refer to the proposals of Christian Felber for a "sovereign money" and for the reform and regulation of the financial sector (e.g. credit regulation, separation banking system).

These are seen in connection with the promotion of complementary currencies as well as the common good economy, the donut economy and the "Caring Economy of Partnerism" as a possible starting point for a Nua-Celtic financial, monetary and economic order within the framework of a post-growth economy (© Niko Paech) without fiat money.  
Industrial productions are to be questioned, whether a decentralised production in small enterprises would serve the common good more. In the affirmative, these should be de-centralised.
The supply of goods and services which serve the basic supply (e.g. water supply, sewerage, garbage, electricity, telecommunications) or which must be used (e.g. housing, care, health services, medicines, vaccines), is to be communitised with priority and in case of waste or overconsumption to be priced progressively.

The ancient Celts knew: The land and mineral resources belong to Mother Earth and can therefore not be possessed by anybody. Decency therefore dictates their transfer to communal custody without circumvention or compensation. The rights of indigenous people remain unaffected! Common custody is exercised by trustee self-administration on local level. Likewise, all means of production are to be communitised without violence (cf. Art. 15 „Grundgesetz“ of Germany). Simultaneously, all debts are to be cancelled.
If land has to be built on, an area of at least the same size is to be renaturalised or unsealed. Buildings should be made of recycled or natural materials in such a way that they can be completely recycled or returned to the natural cycles at the end of an ecologically compatible useful life.

We are allowed to use a fair share of the abundance that Mother Earth grants us, and we owe her energy compensation in return. Out of respect for Mother Earth, we should always produce something durable. Businesses should therefore also take responsibility for the environmental and social footprint of their respective suppliers.
Products should be manufactured primarily for local needs and from renewable raw materials. They should be designed to be compatible with the common good, shared use, durability, resource conservation, energy efficiency, repairability and reusability and up-/recyclability at the end of their life cycle (cf. "cradle-to-cradle" principle).
This also applies, mutatis mutandis, to packaging, which must be minimized (see "unpacked food stores"). Disposable packaging, if necessary at all, should be easily compostable. Services should be optimized in terms of resource conservation and energy efficiency.
For prosumers*, the ecological and social footprint of products and services over their entire service life and their contribution to promoting the common good should be visible as simple as possible , for example in the form of a traffic light, and verifiable by means of a QR code.

Hippocrates of Kos taught "Your food should be your remedy and your remedy should be your food ...". Energy is the basis of all life. All living beings should have the highest possible quality food at their free disposal. Nua-Celts therefore replace conventional food with seasonal food from regional production taking place according to biological criteria. In this way we contribute to the disappearance of conventional agriculture and agro-industries as soon as possible.
As long as mankind is still consuming seafood and meat, we have to pay attention to an animal welfare oriented extraction and husbandry. Regionality and small-scale structures are to be strengthened and large-scale enterprises are to be moved to the abandonment of their unnaturally large production structures by high taxes.

If capital owners evade measures that promote the general welfare (e.g. tax evasion, tax avoidance), they exclude themselves from a convivialistic economy for the common good. For their own sake, they should be required to fulfill their obligations to the general welfare of the state, e.g. by confiscation of their assets, customs duties, compensation payments, entry ban, etc. Until then, traffic and business with them could be outlawed.

# Justice also in legislature
At present, the laws benefit the plutocrats, who have the greatest influence on the legislative process. To ensure that the law actually comes from the people, professional politicians should be replaced as quickly as possible in a transparent procedure by mandataries selected at random and who can be voted out of office at any time. They are accountable to their constituencies, should be reasonably representative of the population, and should be allowed to serve in this capacity for a maximum of two consecutive periods.
Parliaments should be given much stronger control rights and means than is currently the case (e.g. permanent committees of inquiry, Courts of Auditors at the federal and cantonal levels, and Ombudsmen's Boards, which support the ongoing control of the executive). Political processes must be fundamentally public and transparent. This should also eliminate the dominant position of political parties, which represent only particular interests. In addition, lobbying must be regulated and minimised as far as possible.
The function of a second "chamber" of Parliament, endowed with absolute veto power, is to be assumed by those druids who do not hold office in the judiciary or executive. Until there are enough of them, legislative initiatives and a new draft constitution are to be prepared primarily by a "Council of The Wise Ones/Senate" elected by the people. The widespread practice where laws are primarily submitted by governments is thus to come to a definitive end and a genuine separation of powers is thus to be practiced.
All important decisions are to be taken directly by the citizens at the cantonal level, following the example of the "Landsgemeinden" of the Swiss Cantons of Glarus and Appenzell Innerrhoden, according to the principles of federation and subsidiarity. In the local communities, "community assemblies" should also be installed according to the Swiss model.
At all levels, decisions should be made on the basis of `Systemic Consent` rather than the majority principle.

Until modern constitutions according to our ideas have come into force, we Nua-Celts will use all democratic means to make our concerns heard. In doing so, we refrain from party-political activity or factional appropriation.
Nua-Celts are fully committed to the rule of law and to human and civil rights. They are called upon to take non-violent action against norms and contracts that distribute burdens and benefits unfairly. In particular, the ancient Celtic means of fasting against injustice (oi. troscud) is worthy of consideration if there is no milder means.

The organisation of states (and communities) should be based on the greatest possible autonomy of sub-units, self-government and the principle of subsidiarity (as small as possible, as large as necessary). Those affected by non-sovereign state decisions should have a say and, if they belong to the same state, should also be allowed to participate in decision-making. Collectively, the public sector should be so strong that it can counteract activities from within or without that are detrimental to the welfare of the state. The welfare state model is preferred to the Anglo-American understanding of the state.

# Judiciary exemplifies love of truth
A Nua-Celtic legal system is to be introduced as a modernised and supplemented form of the "Brehon Laws" and gain general validity. Punishments in the conventional sense are rejected as inappropriate services negatively affect the Karma of the offenders. The search for the truth should also include the true causes of the misdeed, so that these can subsequently be rehabilitated. In addition, legally competent druids should impose reparation and guide forgiveness exercises or rituals.

# Executive authorities as a model for peacefulness
Governments are in future to be assembled by the druids or, in the transition phase, by the "Council of The Wise Ones/Senate". The presidency of the government, which at the same time also performs as head of state, rotates annually (cf. „Bundesrat“ of Switzerland). As was customary in ancient Ireland, the chair should not be allowed to speak until the druid advising them has had an opportunity to do so him- or herself.
Every five years, the nomination of the druids for the governing team must be confirmed by a two-thirds majority of the electorate to retain its validity. The government as a whole and the individual members of the government may be voted out of office by the electorate at any time.
During the transition phase, a new awareness must be created within the executive authorities, especially among the police, judiciary and armed forces, that they are in the service of All-That-Is. To this end, further training measures in non-violent communication, for example, are indispensable. The military is to be transformed into a peacekeeping force as quickly as possible, primarily based on the spiritual and mental national defense and to help in disaster operations.

We Nua-Celts reject imperialism, violent conflict and asymmetrical relations between states and between legal and natural persons. All states that have benefited from colonialism should voluntarily offer reparations and take over the debts of former colonial states or the global south, until such time that there is total debt cancellation, which is desirable.
All states and (former) conflict parties are invited to voluntarily pay compensation for warlike conflicts and past misdeeds since the beginning of history, if this has not already been done.

The members of the Nua-Celtic Movement demand an unconditional basic provision equivalent to at least one tenth of the top income in the respective state in which they live. The disposable incomes and fortunes of the people of all states should be equalized as quickly as possible without using violence.
A value added tax, significantly higher tax rates for top incomes, financial transaction-, speculation- and digital-taxes as well as an end to legal tax avoidance solutions are to reduce the tax burden on labour, especially for low-income earners, or finance negative taxes and unconditional basic welfare.
Wealth and luxury taxes as well as gift-, inheritance- and capital gains-taxes in the amount of 100% are possible means for reducing private assets to below a de minimis limit by consensus. In this way greed is no longer encouraged and privileged life opportunities are no longer donated or inherited. Only in this way can full account be taken of Article 1 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789: "Men are and shall be free by birth and equal in rights. Social distinctions shall be founded only in the common good."
Ideally, everyone should have the same amount at his/her disposal, but not more than the regenerative resources of Mother Earth offer to mankind, without disadvantaging other species. Finally, through spirituality lived in many ways, the majority should have overcome the "want to have" by simply "being".

New public-private partnerships should become unattractive, so that in the future the rich no longer create dependencies (e.g. in university research) and can no longer ally with the powerful at the expense of the majority of the powerless. Existing PPPs must be reversed as quickly as possible. The same applies to sponsorship of government tasks, because sponsorship is a vain attempt to give capitalism the appearance of decency.
In the case of donations, close attention must be paid to whether they really serve the common good. Subsidies (= gifts from the small to the big) for medium-sized and large companies should be abolished.

History has shown what people without a strong moral foundation can cause each other and other living beings. Therefore, it is essential that all members of society receive ethics instruction until they complete their education or take moral philosophy courses during their studies. So that in future it is no longer only said, "What is possible is done!", but "What is done is only what serves the common good of All-That-Is!” Religious instruction is to be allowed to take place in the future only without state support.
Existing technology, which is criticized e.g. for causing health damage, is to be examined for its harmlessness and adapted if necessary, provided that it is conducive to the common good, or switched off and dismantled. New technical devices and technologies require a clearance certificate in advance and an accompanying evaluation. Self-determined living also means that we make ourselves independent of technology (e.g. electricity, personal devices).

# Practicing moderation: Let`s simply live a simple life!
Technological progress means further consumption of resources as well as pollution of the environment and is therefore no substitute for self-determined renunciation. Only with this the so-called "civilized" part of mankind has a future that is also worth living. We Nua-Celts therefore reject the imperial way of life and strive for a resource-saving coexistence with the smallest possible ecological and social footprint. We invite all others to do the same.
In concrete terms, this means, for example, living a simple lifestyle, rejecting luxury and avoiding travel that is not of humanitarian, ecological or equivalent benefit to society as a whole, or making it as environmentally friendly as possible. Let us renounce what is unnecessary, so that everything necessary can be made available for all! The self-determined frugal being should be supported by national guidance measures, legitimized by plebiscite.
Small pleasures of everyday life should be possible as long as we protect the environment, benefit other species and Mother Earth gives abundantly. We are allowed to enjoy, as far as our conscience allows it and the common good permits it.
Instead of "I consume, therefore I am", we want to live an "I am, therefore I prosume*".
Let`s move forward to an original way of life [not standard!]!

# Guarantee for a better future for all
Our present educational offers are unsuitable to create the spiritual-moral level which only the druids can ensure. But this is exactly what we need in order to enable a good life in peaceful co-existence for All-That-Is. Therefore, it will be inevitable to recruit the best educators, celtologists, healers, farmers, craftsmen, artists, scientists, elders, spiritual teachers and others to educate our children and students in Druidic Schools and Academies. They will all help to develop and cultivate the potential that lies in the younger generations. Only after twenty years at the earliest will the first generation of graduates themselves be able to take over the teaching and all the other traditional functions of the ancient Celtic druids.

Young people of all genders should be required to complete a social year. This can be done, for example, in social or ecological institutions but also in the peace-keeping force.

Druidic Schools must be closely integrated into the Nua-Celtic communities and should be connected to Nua-Celtic farm steads and natural forests. In this way, our children will learn everything necessary for a good life in harmony with nature and the annual cycle. It is important to set an example of the highest ethical standards and goodness of heart for our guarantors of a better future. Let them grow up to be self-confident free thinkers and encourage their development and creativity individually in order to strengthen their strengths. Let us help them discover their genius and find their vocation.
Education does not end with the highest initiation as a druid, but lasts a lifetime for everyone. Accordingly, offers for lifelong learning and retraining should be provided. For all interested people, especially in the transitional phase from the current capitalistic way of life to the Nua-Celtic way of life, there should be an appropriate competence transfer. This includes, in particular, critical thinking and dealing with conventional and social media as well as government propaganda and fake news.

Status: May 17, 2023

Explanation of terms

All-That-Is: This includes everything visible and invisible. This includes the Realm of Energy, human and non-human beings, the plants and the elementals, the Ore and Metal Realm as well as the Stone and Mineral Realm.

druids: the intellectual and spiritual elite of the Celtic tribes before their conquest by foreign peoples or displacement by Christianity; they were active as scientists, healers, doctors, judges, spiritual and political advisors, augurs and priests. The basis of their education qualified them as bards.

Realm of Energy: "In this realm we find the most diverse energy beings and energy forms, but also the unity and being in everything. It is so great and incomprehensible that it cannot be put into words. In this realm everything is possible. Here man experiences the initiation into his destiny, into his higher nature. He receives his tests to train and align his light. He receives lessons, limits, experiences, which create consciousness and thus light." Jeanne Ruland „Feen, Elfen, Gnome – Das Buch der Naturgeister“, 2010, 112f, Schirner Verlag, Darmstadt

Ore and Metal Realm: "This powerful realm lies deep underground. It is guarded by the beings of nature, who live far away from the human kingdom, and is closely interwoven with the Stone and Mineral Kingdom, the Cosmic Kingdom (Energy Kingdom) and the Elemental Kingdom. ...
For mankind it is the realm of testing, assessment, initiation, deep realisations and relentless deep fall. Here man experiences his limits and his possibilities. Here he is given everything at his disposal to perfect and ennoble himself or to destroy himself and others." Jeanne Ruland „Feen, Elfen, Gnome – Das Buch der Naturgeister“, 2010, 151ff, Schirner Verlag, Darmstadt

Elementals: These are the faeries, fays, elves, gnomes, giants, dragons, and many more familiar to us from fairy tales and legends. In Ireland, the expressions "The Good People" or the "Little People" are used. Book Recommendation: Jeanne Ruland „Feen, Elfen, Gnome – Das Buch der Naturgeister“, 2010, Schirner Verlag, Darmstadt

Prosumers/prosuming: All people who produce what they consume (= prosume) themselves or who influence the production (e.g. as entrepreneurs/traders who pay attention to the smallest possible social and ecological footprint also of their suppliers; via purchasing cooperatives; participatory markets; solidarity farming; etc.).

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