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量子 (Yangja)

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量子 (Yangja)
量子 (Yangja)
Hello Earthlings,

I am 量子, a pathfinder from another universe, from a different world than yours.


Oh wait, how do I pronounce my name? In your world, there are three pronunciations - Yangja (Hanja form of Hangeul 양자); Ryausi (Kanji form of Nihongo りやうし); and Liàngzǐ (Mandarin). That is a lot, right? No, I once visited a world where there were 9 pronunciations of my name! Imagine that, 9! I like Yangja better. It sounds ancient and magnanimous. What does my name mean? We’ll get to that at another time.

Why am I here on your world? To share stories of my journey across the multiverse. Of people and families. Heroes and villains. The rise and fall of civilisations. The beginning and end of worlds. Stories that are based on verifiable facts and genuine history, but considered fiction in your world. It is not my duty to prove these stories; it is your duty to find your own way to visit these other worlds and prove these stories for yourself.

My stories are meant to help guide your world to the future faster. What that future entails will be determined by you as one race, as one people, of one planet. There were worlds whose people destroyed themselves because they chose a path of destruction, of greed, of war. They learned to travel across worlds for self gain and political agendas. There are worlds who are now members of our own multiverse spanning “supranational union” (as you call it in your world); or of other organisations; and others have created their own empires.

There are other travellers influencing your world. It could be helpful for your world, or your people might become subservient to a more powerful entity. As a Pathfinder from my Union, it is our duty to present you with facts and unaltered history. Though we are not in your world to recruit you, we hope that one day you will join us. This is because you have decided the Union deserves you as a member and the Union can be trusted.

Enough of that. We’re jumping far ahead. Where were we? The stories. Yes, the stories.

{to be continued}

Selena N. B. H., #CCBy2 <#^>, via Flickr <#^>

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Note: This is a #fictional channel/account. Or, maybe, it is only fiction from your perspective.