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Jakub Urbanowicz
Jakub Urbanowicz
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So I'm on Hubzilla. I've been reading it's a powerful platform/medium/???. Good, let's see how it works. Actually, it's the first thing for me to do here. Besides finding connections, off course.
57, male white monkey living in the jungles of Kraków, Poland.
Polish-English translator and author of yet unwritten stories, poems and masterpieces who hails from an artistic family but tries to live normally. I also do straight jobs sometimes, y'know, to make ends meet.
Engrossed in matters and developments around me too heavily, I need a new take on things, or they will bog me down.
My interests include:
- trying to make sense of it all,
- the use of electronic media, Linux and FOSS,
- talking to those who (are trying to) understand and care,
- any forms of authentic artistic expression,
- going to places which we have not yet destroyed – alone or with my children & friends,
- trying to prevent the rest of the place from being converted into somebody's profit,
- sowing doubt where certitude turns people into blind followers of their beliefs.