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The closest to a public Collection in Hubzilla is:

  • A Forum with the Permission Categories app installed to preset the forum to follower permissions, to work like a Feed
  • The Channel Resources app installed in the "host/destination" Profile (or any other channel)
  • The Superblock app installed in Your Profile
With the Permission Categories installed the Forum has one more option in Channel Settings->Security and Privacy Settings where you have now, 4 default permission profiles. Default, follower, contributor and publisher. Set to follower so no one (except the hostprofile) can post in your forum/collection.
In the Permission Categories app you can create new custom permission profiles.
In the Channel Resources app in the host Profile you add the Forum/Collection and the stage is set.

A few workarounds to make it more collectionish.

The Profile can post from anywhere to the forum/collection mentioning it with !.
Ex.: !{channelname2@hub.name}
This will send a copy to both the profile and the forum/collection but the copy to the forum/collection won't be send to the profile and not create duplicate in the profile. So the effect is exactly like a collection.
Finally, to unfollow the collection without unfollow the profile takes a most radical step, you have to block the Collection with Superblock.


  • You have a Forum set as a Feed that sends all (filtering possible) its posts to the host/destination Profile. Followable by itself but not postable to (by default)
  • And a Profile showing all its posts and the posts coming in from the forum/collection
  • Superblock to "unfollow" collections from profile. If you don't want to see them in a profile you don't want to see it anywhere.
Did I forget anything a G+ Collection does? Yes, it's some frankensteinish Collection but I'm almost sure it's one!