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Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom / Oasis of Peace
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Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom (pronounced “waaḥat’ as-salaam/nevei shalom”)Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom (WAS-NS) is a vil­lage of Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel ded­icated to building justice, peace and equality in the country and the region.

Situated equidistant from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the community was established in 1970 by Fr. Bruno Hussar on land of the Latrun Monastery. It is a model of equality, mu­tual respect and partnership that challenges existing patterns of racism and discrimination as well as the continued conflict. The community has established educational institutions based on its ideals and con­ducts activities focused on social and political change. Many of the village members work in peace, justice and reconciliation projects. It has a popula­tion of 70+ families and will grow to 150 families.
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