Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Description: Author
Location: Texas, United States
Hometown: Houston
Homepage: https://jahangiri.us
Keywords: writing, books, authors, writers
About: Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; and A New Leaf for Lyle. She draws inspiration from her family, from her own childhood adventures (some of which only happened in her overactive imagination), and from readers both young and young at heart. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband, J.J., whose love and encouragement make writing books twice the fun.
Homepage: https://write.as/latenightnotes
About: Late night is the time of silence, of chill out, of indulgent taste, of laid-back remembrance, of the not-yet-tomorrow. [CC BY-NC-SA 4.0] Late night é o momento do silêncio, do chill out, da indulgência do gosto, da laid-back remembrance, do ainda-não-amanhã. [CC BY-NC-SA 4.0]
Description: Horse Training Barn
Location: California, United States
Hometown: Petaluma
Homepage: http://zequus.com/
Keywords: best, riding, jumping, horse
About: Zeitgeist Equestrian is a unique high performance jumper sale barn in Northern California. We have adopted a diligent and sophisticated training and monitoring process that encourages each horse to reach its maximum potential.
Description: Junk Taker Services Ltd is an eco-friendly and providing rubbish removal, dirt hauling and recyclable container services in Chilliwack.
Location: BC, Canada
Hometown: Surrey
Homepage: https://junktakerservices.com/
About: . Junk Taker Services do pickups then donate or recycle your junk. Their quote includes labour, vehicle expenses, and recycling/disposal fees. The company's junk removal service prices based on volume and materials. It also serves as junk removal services in Chilliwack, North and West Vancouver areas.
Description: Our Mission is to be a world-class Flooring service provider in the international market
Location: California, United States
Hometown: Northridge
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About: Our vision is to change our customers' flooring dream into reality; we are Decades Flooring, the flooring artists and promise to be regarded as the engineered flooring in Northridge California. We are the right choice for all those who need perfection in Flooring repair work as we use first-class quality products. Connect to us and grab our premium services.
Description: Guide To Using Airbnb
Age: 37
Location: New York, United States
Hometown: Poughkeepsie
Homepage: https://www.airbnbguide.com/
Keywords: guide, to, using, airbnb
About: Airbnb Guide is a platform where Airbnb users get information to enhance as an Airbnb host as well as the guest. To Maximize Airbnb experience, keep visiting the airbnb templates free download.
Description: Novus Immigration Delhi Consulting Services is a leading local provider of immigration and visa services for international business people, students, families, workers and other visitors
Homepage: https://novusimmigrationdelhi.com
About: I'm here to share things that I find interesting, to learn new things, to have good conversations, to meet interesting people and make friends. (I am interested in the subjects and things listed in the tags above). All photographs posted here: CC 2021 Fleeting Cloud, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ [Please, before you "connect" with me, make some posts on your channel.]
Homepage: https://favoredtunes.tk/
About: Indie music recommender and catalogizer project. Collection of interesting, special songs, videoclips that give good atmosphere, joy, inspiration. A selection from favorite Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock style songs. Best songs from self-made compilation albums. Selections from free-to-share, public content of video and music portals.
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Abrantes
Homepage: https://pinheirodeabrantes.com/
Description: Инженер. P.S. "А я уважаю Кота!" :)
Age: 49
Homepage: https://cats-shadow.cats-home.net
Description: I'm an EFL teacher from Abrantes, Portugal.
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Abrantes
Homepage: https://pinheirodeabrantes.com/
About: I'm a Portuguese teacher of English, married and father of two lovely ladies. I'm here to make friends and to explore our beautiful Fediverse. I'm politically neutral and I don't get into ideological disputes. I believe in humanity, friendship and that people should share more and respect our beautiful Earth much more. I cultivate the small pleasures of life and know for a fact that less is really more! We don't need that much to live a happy life. But we surely need more politeness, friendship, harmony, love, respect and solidarity, among many other values that, lately, have been a bit disregarded... I do my part by trying to make a difference in the lives of whom I interact with.
Description: Model Escorts in Vadodara
Age: 25
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About: Best private service in avdodara I am independent female in vadodara available for incall and outcall service dates,party,club and travilling assignment.
Description: A South African living in far off lands. Host of The Miskatonic Alumni Association podcast and numerous other projects.
Age: 40
Location: South Africa
Hometown: Cape Town
Homepage: https://terrancebrown.me
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Description: Home Health Care Agency
Location: Florida, United States
Hometown: Delray Beach
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About: 1st Agency's main goal is to have the effect in the life of thousands of medically-ill sick, healing, handicapped, disabled or partially disabled elders by providing them state-of-the-art nursing care services , helping them getting better and better and becoming as independent as possible in a timely matter at the comfort of their homes.
Description: Online store for baby products at Totscart
Location: Rajasthan, India
Hometown: Udaipur
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About: Totscart is the finest organization providing the collection of best baby products from various national and international baby brands. To make the baby’s childhood memorable we bring you a complete range of baby clothes, footwear, travel accessories, feeding and nursing products, baby furniture, and bedding, etc. Our aim is to make you strike with the stylish and comfortable baby products. Embarking our journey with two brick and mortar in Udaipur, Rajasthan, we are determined to give the best quality and satisfying services to our customers. We always believe in giving quality baby products at reasonable prices.
About: Details are important, but often escape me.
Description: Image Editing Agency in USA
Location: Imageeditingagency
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About: As a leading online portrait and Image Editing Agency in USA, Image Editing Agency gives "Proficient Photo & Portrait Editing Services" to Photographers, Digital Studios, Ad-Agencies, Business inclusive Clients of E-trade, Real-Estate and individuals.
Description: Interior Designer in Bangalore
Location: Karnataka, India
Hometown: Bengaluru
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About: Connect with our leading Residential interior Decorators in Bangalore instantly on your mobile and get a quotation for your required service. Our home interior designers in Bangalore draft the estimated cost of the materials needed, coordinate with the architects and contractors, and offer overall project supervision. https://tasainteriordesigner.com/ https://tasainteriordesigner.com/servicesdemo.html
About: ?? Либерал • Атеист • Индивидуалист ?? Liberal • Atheist • Individualist #Russian / #English / #Português
Location: Córdoba, España
Description: Grupo para compartir saberes sobre Ecología Social, agroecología, cooperativismo, feminismos. Y todo lo que nos permita reflexionar, debatir y proponer en torno a la ecología, la destrucción
About: Grupo para compartir saberes sobre Ecología Social, agroecología, cooperativismo, feminismos. Y todo lo que nos permita reflexionar, debatir y proponer en torno a la ecología, la destrucción del planeta y las alternativas populares, comunitarias y desde abajo que surgen en el seno de la crisis civilizatoria actual.
Description: "We have art in order not to die of the truth."
Location: Portugal
Hometown: /home
About: "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." "Without music, life would be a mistake." "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." "We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving." “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” - Friedrich Nietzsche
About: Apprenants et fans de la langue chinoise à Béjaïa, ne restez plus dans l'ombre. Rejoignez d'autres personnes comme vous pour échanger vos expériences et connaissances; apprendre et découvrir encore plus à propos de la Chine et de sa merveilleuse langue.
Description: Коммунизм победит! Communism will win!
About: "Убей буржуя и будет твой завод, убей банкира и выеби в рот, убей ростовщика, убей его ногами, убей кулака - Ленин с нами!"
Description: Коммунизм победит! Communism will win!
About: "Убей буржуя и будет твой завод, убей банкира и выеби в рот, убей ростовщика, убей его ногами, убей кулака - Ленин с нами!"
Description: Database Admin / Pool Player / Music Collector
Age: 48
Location: Netherlands
About: C++ developer who wishes the world weren't stuck with it and Java. Erlang fan who wishes the world weren't stuck with PHP. Nature lover who sees that successive generations are missing out more and more. Fan of Erlang, Squeak Smalltalk, Haiku-OS, Plan9.
About: Aleatory, stochastic and environment-driven sound collage. Experimental tone-works. Deep listening and sound installations.
Description: sardine nel fediverso
Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/6000sardine/
Description: Just a truck driver that likes to podcast and make music in Linux
Location: Michigan, United States
Hometown: Plainfield, IN
Homepage: https://boneheadmedia.com
About: Just a truck driving, podcasting, guitar playing dad that loves indie music and FOSS. I'm not a coder or a hacker. Nor do I know enough of any one thing to be an expert in. But I can "sudo apt-get" anything! Im prolly the only Linux user that uses it daily because I belive in the philosphy and I dont have to know how to code to use it. I am your end user!
Description: Business Development
Location: London, United Kingdom
Hometown: London
Homepage: https://www.pensionexchange.co.uk/
About: Pension Exchange are pension transfer specialists, who specialises in the UK final salary schemes. At Pension Exchange, we help the UK nationals transfer their UK final salary pension funds and work with our UK clients to exchange their existing pension arrangement for more appropriate alternatives. We provide our clients with specialised and qualified pension transfer advisers in the UK since 2002. Our clients not only get advice on pension schemes but also get helped by us to exchange their pensions to QROPS internationally.
Age: 44
Homepage: https://authapon.surge.sh/
About: Don't reboot it. Just patch !!!
Description: Group
Location: United States
About: Discussion group for pioneers and enthusiasts of the decentralized web. Common interests include P2P wireless mesh infrastructure and P2P protocols such as
Description: Заметки ИТ
Description: Философия, идеология, СПО, путешествия
Location: China
Keywords: linux, student, medical
Age: 40
Location: Russia
Hometown: Moscow
Description: c0der Blog
Age: 40
Location: Russia
Homepage: https://c0der.ru/
About: Programmer, web developer and fan of linux.
Description: i shave regularly -- every 3--5 months.
Age: 64
Location: West Bengal, India
Hometown: Mayapur
Homepage: https://phanisvara.com
About: not now...
Description: Dubai Relocation Office
Homepage: https://www.mrmove.ae/blog
About: Mr Move is all about providing their clients in and around Dubai with excellent customer service. Employing the best team in the business, they ensure that you will get maximum satisfaction in all steps of the moving process. It all starts with excellent customer service. With well-trained staff and an organized way of doing business, we want to make sure that the kind of customer service we provide for you is of the highest quality at all times.
Description: Fabrication des Machines Parpaings Pavés Bordures
Age: 30
Homepage: https://machineparpaing.com/
About: A PROPOS DE NOUS BEYAZLI GRUP, L'une de ces marques BESS, Depuis 2007 BEYAZLI Group fabrique et exporte des machines des machines de fabrication des briques, pavés, dalles et des centrales a bétons pour l'industrie de BTP (bâtiment et travaux public) par tout dans le monde entier. Nous sommes reconnus grâce à notre personnel expérimenté et professionnel pour notre expertise dans la fabrication des machines qui respecte les normes CE avec des nouvelles technologies intégrées. BEYAZLI GROUP participe aussi au développement de son pays en offrant beaucoup emplois. MACHINE BESS ET L INDUSTRIE DE MOULE: Aujourd’hui BESS fabrique des centrales à béton, des machines a brique et des machines a pavé moderne. A nos jours nous avons nos machines dans plus de 23 pays.
Homepage: docnederlands : http://docnederlands.blogspot.com profnederlands : http://profnederlands.blogspot.com
About: COLLECTIE : #spreekwoorden_docnederlands
Description: Virtual Worlds meeting point @ Hubzilla
Age: 2
Location: Fediverse, Hubzilla
Hometown: Zotum.net
About: Gather the Google+ users of the Virtual Worlds
Location: London, United Kingdom
Hometown: London
About: I am an amateur photographer, musician, trained psychotherapist, computer programmer, writer, and more.
Description: IT voodoo
Age: 47
Hometown: Königsberg
Homepage: https://kostikov.co
Description: Weblog sobre actualidades, contemporaneidades y cultura de Manuel Jiménez Friaza
Age: 64
Homepage: CUADERNO DE LECTURAS: https://zotum.net/page/manuel-jf/lecturas
About: PÁGINAS PERSONALES https://zotum.net/cloud/manuel-jf/Milo%20Manara/ham04.jpg Claros en el bosque Cuaderno de lecturas WIKIS Tutorial: Cómo clonar un canal en Hubzilla La nube de Hubzilla en mi ordenador PUBLICACIONES https://zotum.net/cloud/manuel-jf/Cosas%20del%20perfil/ciberescriba.jpg Hada, hurí, esfinge (Poemas) Quince Asaltos (Ensayo) Prólogo de Agustín García Calvo a *Quince Asaltos Deslindes y descubiertas (Recopilación de artículos) En la revista FronteraD Sujeto omitido De la alegoría barroca a las series de forenses: ruinas humanas como texto El relato oral como fuente de la Historia. Recuerdos de guerras Habla y escritura: de lo vivo a lo pintado ¿Qué hacer con la educación? Ideas y sonsonetes ENLACES RECOMENDADOS https://zotum.net/cloud/manuel-jf/Cosas%20del%20perfil/ordenata-altavoz.jpg Obra de Agustín García Calvo Baúl de trompetillas Diccionarios DRAE DIRAE El de Dudas Sinónimos y antónimos Uno de Latín Diccionarios CLAVE Diccionario de partículas discursivas del español Diccionario etimológico http://clarosenelbosque.com https://zotum.net/page/manuel-jf/lecturas https://zotum.net/wiki/manuel-jf/Clonar+un+canal/Home https://zotum.net/wiki/manuel-jf/La(20)nube(20)de(20)Hubzilla(20)en(20)mi(20)ordenador/Home http://www.librosprometeo.com/libro/ver/id/420776/titulo/HADA-HURI-ESFINGE.html http://www.libreriaproteo.com/libro-525692-QUINCE-ASALTOS.html http://bauldetrompetillas.es/wp-content/uploads/pdf/prologo15asaltos.pdf http://www.amazon.es/Deslindes-Descubiertas-Manuel-Jimenez-Friaza/dp/841537738X http://fronterad.com http://www.fronterad.com/?q=sujeto-omitido-hablamos-mujeres-que-llevan-carga-globalizacion-pero-no-oimos-su-voz http://fronterad.com/?q=alegoria-barroca-a-series-forenses-ruinas-humanas-como-texto http://fronterad.com/?q=relato-oral-como-fuente-primaria-historia-recuerdos-guerras http://www.fronterad.com/?q=habla-y-escritura-lo-vivo-a-lo-pintado http://www.fronterad.com/?q=que-hacer-con-educacion-ideas-y-sonsonetes http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/ http://dirae.es/ http://buscon.rae.es/dpdI/html/cabecera.htm http://www.lenguaje.com/herramientas/tesauro.php http://www.didacterion.com/esddlt.php http://clave.smdiccionarios.com/app.php http://www.dpde.es/ http://etimologias.dechile.net/
Description: Bruce Lee Fans
Keywords: bruce, lee, kung, fu, jeet, kune, do, martial, arts, wushu, wing, chun, tao, taoism